Imi was born after Emelie pitched the idea to Emmie.

After being best friends for over 20 years starting a business together felt like a natural step, to create something we both could be proud of.

Said and done. The spring and of 2015 was filled with endless meetings, design ideas working names that were discussed thoroughly and a search to find suppliers that could uphold the quality that we wanted and take the same social and environmental responsibility as we do.

When spring turned in to summer things started to take it’s shape and imma form became imiform and when autumn came knocking the webshop went live late at night on the 14th of september 2015.

The suppliers we have chosen to work with are constantly working  to better and develop their own environmental work, they also take a social responsibility and are very outspoken about everyones equal value. That is something that we at Imi take very seriously and is something that we want to be the foundation of our brand.

The absolut genius behind all illustration is Emelie Gårdeler. She has worked as a freelance illustrator but longed to explore her own projects and especially to work with patterns. The illustrations are created by freely working with different techniques. The process is analogue and digital, paintings are done with acrylic paint and pencils, they are then cutout and put together as collages. This way Emelie is able to work freely, and take the time she wants, through this process.